Halswell Drama Group

Happy Days - A New Musical (2023)

Director: Christa Pearson

Assistant Director: Byron Hill

Musical Director: Ali Stewart

Choreography: Tania Gordon, Azaria Peach


Disco Inferno (2022)

Director: Byron Hill

Musical Director: Peter Cairns

Choreography: Ella Curtis-Smith & Nikita Smith

Disco Inferno

Little Shop of Horrors (2021)

Director: Byron Hill

Musical Director: Nerida Britten

Choreography: Katrina Johnson

Little Shop of Horrors

All Shook Up (2019)

Director: Byron Hill

Musical Director: Carla Weber

Choreography: Kim Mehlhopt

All Shook UP

Who Loves Me (2018)

Director: Byron Hill

Musical Director: Carla Weber

Choreography: Tess Hazelhurst

The Wedding Singer (2017)

Director: Carla Weber

Musical Director: Will Ernest

Choreography: Sarah Hollander

Nunsense (2016)

Director: Carla Weber

Musical Director: William Grubb

Choreography: Sarah Hollander

Time Flies When You're Having Fun (2015)

Written by: Taunya Kearns

Director: Taunya Kearns

Assistant Directors: Bryon Hill, Carla Weber

Choreography: Gaby Rutherford

A Night at the Movies (2014)

Directors: Taunya Kearns, Jo Saba, Carla Weber

Musical Director: Carla Weber

Choreography: Jo Saba


The Alternative Treasure Island (2012)

Director: Michael Johnston

Musical Director: Carla Ladbrook

Choreography: Amanda Hay


Last Gasp at the Parched Throat Saloon (2007)

Written by: Marie Mannan

Director: Vanessa Brownbridge

Musical Director: Linda McMeeking

Choreography: Amanda Hay, Maxine Pelham, Emma Tait

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